Registration for one of our trips implies the acceptance of general and special conditions of sale. Any registration in one of our trips implies on the part of the buyer, the transfer to our bank a 50% deposit at the time of acceptance of the proposal by the purchaser to secure some hotel bookings and airline tickets. The balance must be paid and cashed within 30 days before the date of arrival in India. Important: We require payment of the deposit and the balance in Euros so you can avoid transfer problems. The corresponding home PARA INFO TOURS Services after agreement with the client will send him the details of the bank account PARA INFO TOURS Services and the amount to be transferred to the account.

Prices are calculated in Euros. They may be revised in the event of fluctuations in freight rates or hotel, variation in the exchange rate. However this change will only occur if one of the elements varies by more than 3% and will not be applied in less than 30 days before the date of arrival. The trip may be canceled at no cost to the customer if the increase exceeds 5% and if notification of cancellation is notified at least 21 days before the date of departure. It is imperative the customer to check carefully what is included and not included in the final program we ship with the bill.

The list of hotels with their classification is attached to each travel program. The indicated classification is appropriate to the local regulations. Booking rooms ranges from 12:00 to 12:00 the next day and included breakfast.

Travel time is determined either from the reception at the airport of arrival to check in return airport or hotel to hotel for micro-circuits. In all cases the prices are fixed at a flat rate and based on a number of hotel nights, but never on a certain number of hours or fraction of days. Thus if, because of schedules imposed by airlines, the first and last days were amputees, it will have no impact on the price. The timetable of the last day varies according to departure time. It is precisely fixed in agreement with the participants

All complaints and disputes related to the services will be primarily resolved through negotiation and mutual understanding. In case of persistent insoluble disagreement amicably, the dispute shall be submitted to arbitration local authorities. All complaints must be submitted in writing within 30 days following the date of termination of services. Beyond this date no partial or total refund can be considered.

Whatever the case, any interrupted or shortened journey, or any service not used because the traveler cannot be refunded.

Cancellation emanate from the client causes the payment of variable costs depending on the date on which it operates.
- more than 31 days before departure: 30% of the total trip cost per person, but can be more depending on the cancellation policy we have been able to negotiate for flights.
- less than 31 days before departure: 90% of total tour price per person.

The customer is informed and must have fulfilled the various administrative and health terms. PARA INFO TOURS Services can not be held responsible for any change provisions for such formalities. It is the responsibility of each customer to check before departure and to respect the regulations of the country of arrival until his departure.
- VISA: A visa is required to enter India and in some states, special permit is needed

PARA INFO TOURS Services acts as an intermediary between the various service providers and participants to travel. His responsibility is cleared in the following cases:
- Force majeure (strikes, bad weather, natural disasters, epidemics. Wars, revolutions, terrorist attacks, kidnappings ...)
- Flight delay or flight cancellation
- Change schedules or Airport
- Delay boats or cancellation.
- No on-time travelers
- Qualities of the various public transport in some areas.
The liability of airlines participating in the trip is limited and specified in their conditions of carriage. In all cases, the costs of fortuitous circumstances may give rise to compensation.
PARA INFO TOURS Services is committed to do its utmost to satisfy the customer and provide the services confirmed in the program. PARA INFO TOURS Services cannot be held responsible to the Customer, in case of failure or dissatisfaction of services provided by a third party, and therefore compensation or wrong or anything else for any loss, injury, damage, delay, change of schedules, and any other irregularities independent of his will and / or suffered as a result of an act or default of a person or company providing services to Clients.
Any substantial additional expense to these irregularities independent of our will, such as delays, weather conditions, accidents, hardships, natural disasters, political events - non exhaustive list - are the responsibility of customers
The additional costs caused by changes in programs initiated by the Client are to be borne by the latter. Participation in the trip implies full acceptance of these conditions Guest.

It is the customer's responsibility to take out before leaving a fresh cancellation insurance, repatriation during the trip, medical expenses and lost luggage.