We select some peculiar destinations to suit or match your needs for your trip. Rajasthan and Kerala are the most popular, but we also propose trips to North Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Darjeeling and Sikkim and the possibility of including in a more global tour, a complete tour of Rajasthan aboard a luxury train reminiscent of the mythical Orient Express, but with an Indian touch. You will travel at night, the cabins do have bathroom and A/C, and you will enjoy the organization of the visits at each location and the evening spent in the restaurant or bar coaches.

Since 2018 we have Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and from 2019 we have started tours for Indians who want to discover France

For these new tours we have selected local agents and all the accommodations and facilities have been tested and validated.

All our tours include domestic flights, the provision of a car with English speaking driver, tolls, parking, fuel, hotel nights, breakfast and taxes.

We do not organize group trips in which people do not know each other. You are thus more autonomous. The driver starts when you want, stop when you want to pause or capture a moment. You will be more in touch with locals if you don’t travel with a group of your native origin. We take care of the age group to organize feasible visits for everyone and can find places where both kids and parents will enjoy.

We rely on local tourism professionals we have used for our own travels, and with whom we could negotiate good rates for genuine value for money. At Para, when we get advance payment we immediately block and pay flights and rooms to get the best accommodation and convenient flight schedules.

There are ways to combine stays for example :10 days in Rajasthan and finish with 3 or 4 days in Goa for rest of the tour and recharge the batteries before returning (frequently asked and always appreciated) We will advise you about the sites to visit, best dates depending on the climate and local celebrations. Before departure we will give you tips and info about local deities, customs and culinary specialties.

We do no propose extraordinary trips but out of ordinary. There are many things in the guidebooks - sometimes too overrated - and some enchanting spots are absent. For those who fear the contrast we can offer to spend 2 full days with you in Mumbai for you to visit the city and its surroundings in you "dipping in the Indian pot" in order to be more confident for the rest of your stay. Throughout your stay, you can reach us 24h / 24h. Feel free to leave us your contact details, we will contact you as soon as possible to get to know and make a first analysis of your needs.

Gayatri and Patrick