Gayatri, an Indian from Mumbai has lived in several states of her country owing to her professional commitments. She not only has a perfect knowledge about her country and local culture but is very passionate about the same.


Patrick, a French who lives and works in Mumbai since 2006 has been travelling across the country all by himself whenever he gets the opportunity, be it vacations, extended weekends etc. He has fallen in love with this country and has decided to settle down in the country where his heart lies.

What makes us different from the other tour operators?

We created our Company in 2015. We do not have a catalogue. Your trip will be unique. We do not want to become a very huge organization to plan and manage 100 trips per month. We rather want to set more reasonable goals in order to spend more time for successful projects. We wish to help curious people to discover this incredible and unique country, who are not aware about how to move ahead on this subject, when to come, what to see in the country etc. India being a vast country has very different landscapes and climate as per the seasons.

We will not only advise them but also plan their trip together according to their interests and will assist them on how to process their visas. We have a few tips that we shall provide as and when we move ahead in the project, to ensure that the trip goes smoothly and is cost effective according to their budget and expectations, avoiding excessively long road trips every day. Having travelled a lot and knowing how it functions I myself have fallen prey to such tourist traps, we thus want to ensure our clients do not encounter such instances and go home back with fond memories

happy you = happy we!